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Default Re: Hakim Warrick agrees to sign with the Bucks

It's a shame that Hak is no longer a Grizz, he was our last playoff player and it's sad to see him go, especially to a team that's not a contender. However, Hak is very inconsistent. One game he'll be doing everything and looking fantastic, then, in the next game, he won't do a damn thing. Either way, you should be happy with him. He can play the 4 and the 3 and is a good cutter and fantastic finisher. Doesn't have many post moves, if any at all and due to his small frame gets pushed around a bit on D in the post. As long as you don't expect much from him, then you should be fine.

10-12 points per game and around 5-7 rebounds per game is what he should be able to put up.
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