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Default Re: Raptors sign Rasho Nesterovic

Originally Posted by Skywalker
brwnman and all these ******gers make it sound like he's a shutdown defender

the guy is so close to worthless, why not keep POPS instead, young guy who rebounds like no one else on the Raptors

btw that says n u t h u g g e r s not something else

brwnman is an excellent poster. He puts thought into his posts and expresses himself clearly. Plus he understands the game well. If you don’t like Rasho, that’s fine, but you’re way overboard in calling out anybody who sees any value in him.

Don’t make it seem like you’ve been a short bus student all your life. Grow up and stop the name calling. At this point enough posters have tried to tell you Rasho is much much better then you give him credit for.

Sometimes it’s best to stay quiet and have people think you’re dumb then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
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