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Default Re: Hakim Warrick agrees to sign with the Bucks

Originally Posted by 1~Gibson~1
i see your point but what good is it to start on a team that wont win anything, when you can go to your hometown team and at least have a chance at winning something? i mean at least you'd make the playoffs in Phili. In Milwaukee they'll be fighting for lottery position.
Philadelphia isnt winning anything, they arent winning a NBA Championship, and there is no gurantee they wont be in the Lottery next season along with Milwaukee.

No disrespect the the Bucks though, i have nothing against them. I just dont see why he'd chose Milwaukee over Phili
Better opportunity, he realized with a good season on a bad Milwaukee team he has a better chance of making more than $3 Million next season, than he does coming off of the bench for the 76ers playing 15 MPG.

Warrick did good in Memphis, he just isnt an attractive basketball player because hes a tweener Forward with no scoring upside whos already 27.
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