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Default Re: Bucks waive Bruce Bowen

Originally Posted by TMT
That's what I was thinking. I think that by trading these three guys (Fab, Thomas, Bruce) we are sending a message across that the last two seasons, we haven't been able to get the job done and we are turning another page in our franchises history. The team at this point is trying to get younger and more athletic which we have done with for the most part with our signings so far this summer, but also adding some veterans to replace the ones we lost. Even if he did come back to the Spurs, he would have to challenge RJ and Finley for playing time at the 3 spot. At this point, I'm thinking 70% chance he heads to retirement/ another team for the vets minimum.

Malik Hairston too. he's definitely a part of the youth movement. was signed the first day of free agency, played 15 games with the spurs last season. could be a cheaper, more athletic, Bowen replacement. he can slash, has potential to be a good defender, and has range like Bowen. had a good showing in the summer league, with 13.4 ppg/.53 FG% in 5 games. For the spurs D-League team he was putting up 23/6/4 on good percentages (41 mpg, 30 gms)... On the Spurs he'll be just another role player, but possibly one that pushes Bowen out of the rotation.

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