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Default Re: Ike Diogu signs with Hornets

Showtime you typed a bunch of nothing. Which isnt surprising. The point that skilled thru one ear and out the other because your mind was on idle? Is that those guys and Ike have something in common? None of them at this point in thier careers is worth typing about. Not worth comparing, arguing who is better etc etc etc. They've proven zilch and had thier moments which allows us to say "every dog has its day".

Ike has been a huge disappointment coming out of college where he was successful. Success at the next level is tough for him to achieve much like getting minutes because he simply is clueless to the game and how its played. Which is why he hasnt stayed in 1 place too long. You can keep typing up his potential, upside over that of a Armstrong. Means little when Ike is playing for team number what again?

Sad part is if it doesnt work out in N.O, you'll be feeding me the same argument like a parrot as Ike tries again for another franchise. At some point you need to let go of this projection your mind seems to be stuck on and address the player for what he is today. Or you can invest in a magic 8 ball, shake it up while asking if Ike will amount to anything close to a productive NBA player. Might get a better response with that.

Originally Posted by Pokerface
Ike is still young with a lot of potential. In the right situation he should blossom into a good PF. I don't know if NO is the right situation or not, but, he has to get playing time to show what he can do.

This aint college. In the NBA you are spposed to earn your playing time. And when given playing time you are supposed to produce in various ways to make it hard for a coach not to play you more. Ike problem is he doesnt do this. The young with potential speech is going to eventually run its course. At what point in his career do you as the fan cut the cord over the young/potential and just call it like it is? Darko is still young with potential. Do you see him panning out to even be what some suggested as a reasonable comparison (PJ Br0wn)?

Kwame Brown, Darius Miles are just a pair of names who rode the young with lots of potential label. Sixers Dalembert got 6yrs $60mil+ partially because of this thinking. The only time Ike has shown anything to fans who love stats as thier way to measure a player if not potential? Was in meaningless games. Not saying you did this, just generally speaking. A fan will point to a game where he got 35+ mpg and produced. However that game wasnt significant, meaningful at all. And the team just wouldnt benefit from Ike getting that kind of minutes due to what he doesnt do when on the court.

But whatever, we'll see what he does or doesnt do in N.O.

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