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Default Re: Ike Diogu signs with Hornets

It seems you can't seem to grasp the point. You said Ike wasn't any better than those players. Well, none of those player have the talent Ike has, and none of those players' best is close to Ike's best, which was the point. They are not the same level of players. For guys like Bowen, that's as good as he can be, and Ike has already proven to be much better.

Who cares about Ike's "talent". Kwame Brown has more talent than Reggie Evans. You wont find many running to Kwame Brown over Reggie Evans. The point you seem to be struggling to grasp which is amusing (brain still on idle, blame it on the offseason?) is that adding Ike doesnt make N.O any better. His addition in comparison to the other guys isnt an upgrade. Now you can sit there with hope and a pocket full of blind faith that Ike will PROVE his addition was an improvement/upgrade. But until that happens? You are just projecting much like you are continuing to do with Ike's career.

Ike is so proven and so much better than Bowen (whom is a player that you know what you're getting already) that he cant stick with 1 franchise let alone get decent playing time. So much for all this talent and your BS (fact, fact, fact, fact) stats Ike put up when given significant minutes (in meaningless games).

Maybe you should leave the so called facts alone and write fiction.

How many teams did Billups go through in his first few years? Part of it was understanding the game, and part of it was getting on the right team and in the right situation. Ike has NEVER been in the right situation that used a post scorer because that's what he is. If you want a Jeff Foster, go get a Jeff Foster type guy, but teams expect him to be what he is not, and never given him a good chance to come in and do what he does best. There have been plenty of guys who weren't impressive until they got in the right situation. Look at what Salmons did when he got minutes and the ball in sacramento compared to the limited role the sixers let him have. Now, he's considered one of the biggest bargains in the league for his overall game and before, people like you were writing him off as a scrub in philly.

Comparing Ike to Billups? Wow. How many teams has Darko and Kwame Brown gone through? Pretty much counters the Billups usage.

And I never wrote Salmons off in Philly nor did I call him a scrub. So you are wrong. And that my friend is a FACT. You got to exagerrate and make up stuff to support your argument? Weak.

You keep acting like I'm talking about POTENTIAL and what he MIGHT do, and he's ALREADY PROVEN what he can do on the floor when he has gotten significant time. That's the difference. He's already shown he can play. With starter minutes, he's produced like a starter. You can't argue that, because I've already posted the numbers. I'm not talking about Ike like it's a fantasy of what he can become, I'm talking about what he can be based upon what he has already done on the court.

And you keep missing the part where i said Ike lacks things about his game to warrant significant playing time. He has a poor understanding of the game when throw into the fire where his performance/production needs to impact and be benenficial to the team. You fail to answer why he doesnt get minutes. Its not because he plays behind all nba first team players. All this "Talent" he has "proven" when given minutes sure does zilch when he cant win a coach and franchise over for them to be confident in giving him those minutes. Which goes back to his addition not being that important than what Hornets had. They HOPE something sparks in him, a fire, passion is ignited. His court awareness rises. But until it does? He'll end up no better than those other guys...and that means he'll be just another body on a team.

The difference? Oh he has more "talent" than the others. Yet at the end of the day when you look at the overall picture he didnt help the team no more than they did. Ike can prove me wrong and make me eat every last word by actually praying to Chris Saint Paul he ressurects his playing career. Nothing you are saying is proving anyting wrong on my end.

It's ok to say you are wrong. It's plain as day you don't know much about Marks, Bowen, Ely, Armstrong, etc. Just take this as a learning experience and stfu about things you know nothing about, because it's clear you probably haven't even watched ten hornet games the past two or three seasons. Those guys could only dream of having a 20/10 game.

I'm wrong about zero kid. You have a hard on for a kid with potential. Perhaps you move away from the window as you poke thru the blinds look at the future play on the slides.

Those guys dont dream of having isolated 20-10 games. They dream is sticking on a team and having some security. Knowing where they will be season to season. Much like Ike. All opf them are in the same boat, only Ike can brag that the last 4gms in the past season he avg stats those guys cant unless they play on a video game. Only after he mentions how many teams this has been since he entered the NBA as a first round pick with so much upside and potential. Are those isolated games that much to brag about in Ike's case?

No. Career 6ppg 3rpg. Those guys know thier roles...Ike doesnt.
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