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Default Re: Ike Diogu signs with Hornets

Originally Posted by Showtime
I think you have no idea what "talent" is, because Kwame doesn't have it. I'm talking about ability, which Ike has, and has proven to have when he gets PT and the ball.

Yeah Kwame never had talent. He was just picked #1 overall for f*cks sake.

It's ok to admit you haven't even seen Bowen play with the hornets. It's ok to say you probably haven't seen Ike play either, let alone tear up Nene. Just admit you don't know wtf you are talking about.

Yes i never seen Ike play in my life. College and pro. And Bowen? I always assumed you meant Bruce Bowen. Silly me. Gotta love kids weak argument nowadays "U never saw them play!" with absolutely no support.

The difference is Darko and Kwame were ALL hype about their POTENTIAL, and I'm talking about a guy WITH that ability not in the right situation, not a guy who was all hype. Darko and Kwame never had the ability they were hyped to have, and Ike does. He just needs the right place to show people like you who never saw him play that he is legit.

Yes, Darko too never had talent and ability. This is too funny. I guess they had the potential to have talent huh.

Same excuse followed Darko how Larry Brown doesnt play rookies and killed his confidence. Oh and he played behind x,y,z. He goes to another team? Same thing. He goes to a team where the situation is perfect for playing time? Darko supporters are on the side of milk cartons. Same with Kwame Brown. Collins, MJ killed his confidence and stunted his growth. So from that point on he could ever fullfill what he was destined to become.

And now we have Ike. Just needs the right place. Gotta love it.

If that's the case, then why does he produce like a starter every time he's gotten significant minutes? What he's actually done throws a big wrench in your argument. When a guy who gets 30 minutes puts up 20/9, then he obviously understands something about the game and isn't a Bowen level scrub.

In meaningless games? It means zilch. Keep trying tho. Bowen and Ike will have alot in common when they find themselves at the end of the bench

I've already explained why he doesn't get minutes. He's never been on a team that used a post scorer off the bench, or on a team that thought of him as a piece and not a contract commodity. When a player on a team says he has no idea why he doesn't play because he's the BEST player when they practice, doesn't have off court issues, comes to work like a pro, etc, then there's obviously not something wrong with the player.

The same was said about Darko by veteran players who started for the Pistons. Take it with a grain of salt.

A guy can only prove his best when he gets a chance. So hopefully that question will finally be decided with the hornets, because that will be out of the way.

And the Hornets will give Ike a chance correct?

It's ok to admit you haven't seen them play. Because it's obvious you haven't.

I've seen Ike play. Just because you are a fanboy over the unproven talent? No need to make up things in your head to support what has been a relatively weak argument. You sound like a preschooler.

Not brag, just to prove they are NOT the same players. Just because they are bench bigs who haven't gone beyond small roles doesn't mean they are on the same level, and doesn't mean Ike isn't a better player.

You obviously missed the point again. Sad

You said Ike isn't any better, and that shows you don't know much about them.

I expect Ike to do more than what those guys have as a Hornet. If not you'll look incredibly stupid.

And not because Ike is the sh!t, but because of how bad and limited those other guys are. I really don't get why this is so hard to comprehend: guys like Bowen have hit their ceiling. That's the best they can hope to be: a practice guy who is the 12th man. That's not the ceiling for what Ike has already proven he can do on the floor.

Doesnt matter what Ike's ceiling is. How talented he is. His impact/role so far in his career hasnt been that much than what those other guys have done. I dont see why you cant politely ask Ike to move his nuts to the side so you can see the entire point of this convo.

I'm putting $300 down in Vegas that by this time next year you'll be still supporting Ike saying if he had a better situation he would be a productive NBA player. You still have hope in Ike. Just like a person who has hope that lottery ticket is a winner.
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