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Default Re: Ike Diogu signs with Hornets

Originally Posted by GOBB
Yeah Kwame never had talent. He was just picked #1 overall for f*cks sake.

So now the draft position is what actually counts in regards to talent, and not how the player actually plays? Every player is exactly ranked by how they were picked? LMAO you are a joke.

Yes i never seen Ike play in my life. College and pro. And Bowen? I always assumed you meant Bruce Bowen. Silly me. Gotta love kids weak argument nowadays "U never saw them play!" with absolutely no support.

We were talking about the hornet reserve bigs. Armstrong = Hilton, Bowen = Ryan. Ely = Melvin. That's what I've been talking about THIS ENTIRE TIME because this was the start of this conversation:

Other poster: "It's about time the Hornets realize that Hilton Armstrong, Ryan Bowen, Sean Marks, and Melvin Ely aren't going to get the job done. They are finally going after some young, better bigs."

You: "Like Ike is any better."

Don't give me this BS that you thought I was talking about the former Spur Bruce Bowen you ****ing retard.

Yes, Darko too never had talent and ability. This is too funny. I guess they had the potential to have talent huh.

They were hyped to have the POTENTIAL to develop into top players (Darko was said to be a better overall Dirk), when they obviously didn't have that level of talent. Ike has talent, unlike Bowen and Armstrong.

Same excuse followed Darko how Larry Brown doesnt play rookies and killed his confidence. Oh and he played behind x,y,z. He goes to another team? Same thing. He goes to a team where the situation is perfect for playing time? Darko supporters are on the side of milk cartons. Same with Kwame Brown. Collins, MJ killed his confidence and stunted his growth. So from that point on he could ever fullfill what he was destined to become.

And now we have Ike. Just needs the right place. Gotta love it.

Ike has talent, not hype. Darko had hype. Kwame had hype. Darko and Kwame had plenty of opportunity to GET ON THE COURT AND PROVE WHAT THEY COULD DO, whereas Ike has had limited opportunity, and what time he got, he made the most of. Now, with the hornets, perhaps the question of getting time will be gone, just like Kwame with LA and Darko with the Grizz. He will get a chance, and that issue will be removed from the discussion.

In meaningless games? It means zilch. Keep trying tho. Bowen and Ike will have alot in common when they find themselves at the end of the bench

So top players just let guys roll over them? Are you stupid? Do you think that just because a team knows they made the playoffs that they have no self respect and let a scrub walk all over them? It's different if a team benches their starters. But when one of the larger and more physical centers like Nene is schooled by a supposed bench scrub with no talent, do you think that's because he didn't care? These guys have pride and self respect, and that doesn't go away just because they know they made the postseason. You are a moron.

The same was said about Darko by veteran players who started for the Pistons. Take it with a grain of salt.

Post a quote where Darko's teammate said he was the best player on the team in practice.

I've seen Ike play. Just because you are a fanboy over the unproven talent? No need to make up things in your head to support what has been a relatively weak argument. You sound like a preschooler.

You can't seem to get this through your thick skull:

1. It's not about how Ike is an all star. It's about how he has talent to produce, and guys like Bowen and Armstrong don't, so you can't say that Ike isn't any better.

2. You keep talking about Ike like he's unproven. EVERY GAME HE'S HAD TIME, HE'S PRODUCED. It's not about potential, it's about WHAT HE'S ACTUALLY DONE, WHICH ISN'T CONJECTURE, ISN'T POTENTIAL, ISN'T FANTASY BUT WHAT HAS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Past tense, not future tense. You can't seem to grasp that I'm not talking about James White. I'm talking about a guy who has produced in the NBA like a starter when he's played starter minutes.

You obviously missed the point again. Sad

You are obvious mentally retarded to continually make up "points" that are inaccurate and talk about players on a team that you don't ever watch.

I expect Ike to do more than what those guys have as a Hornet. If not you'll look incredibly stupid.

Ike HAS ALREADY DONE MORE THAN THOSE PLAYERS, WHICH HAS BEEN MY POINT ALL ALONG. He's already proven he's far better than Hilton or Ryan or Melvin. He's already done that.

Every time I see you post, you make yourself look more foolish. It's clear you are one of those guys who talks about everything as if you know more than everybody else. I don't comment on things that I don't know. I don't talk about teams that I never watch. You should do that too, because it's clear you are evaluating all 5 players when you don't know wtf you are talking about. I'm done with you and this thread.
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