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Default Re: Ike Diogu signs with Hornets

Originally Posted by Showtime
So now the draft position is what actually counts in regards to talent, and not how the player actually plays? Every player is exactly ranked by how they were picked? LMAO you are a joke.

You make no sense. Kwame Brown obviously had talent in the eyes of scouts and teams. A team projected that reaching his full potential they would end up being __________. Since when were players with no talent drafted? Kwame wasnt drafted because he had the potential to HAVE TALENT. People misjudge prospects all the time. Kwame had talent but there is more to the game than having talent. Thats where he fails and where Ike is failing.

We were talking about the hornet reserve bigs. Armstrong = Hilton, Bowen = Ryan. Ely = Melvin. That's what I've been talking about THIS ENTIRE TIME because this was the start of this conversation:

Other poster: "It's about time the Hornets realize that Hilton Armstrong, Ryan Bowen, Sean Marks, and Melvin Ely aren't going to get the job done. They are finally going after some young, better bigs."

You: "Like Ike is any better."

Don't give me this BS that you thought I was talking about the former Spur Bruce Bowen you ****ing retard.

I was being sarcastic moron. Why would I assume we were talkin about Bruce Bowen when he's never played for the Hornets? Atleast use your brain and think "Hmmm maybe GOBB is being a wise ass because I constantly say he doesnt know about the players he is addressing. And he is just playing on my stupidity.".

They were hyped to have the POTENTIAL to develop into top players (Darko was said to be a better overall Dirk), when they obviously didn't have that level of talent. Ike has talent, unlike Bowen and Armstrong.

How was it obvious? You had zero clue about Darko until he arrived to the NBA based on hearsay. Then Darko early career he sat behind players. But somehow you knew he didnt have the level of talent that Dirk had because _____? No need to answer, you dont know.

Ike has talent, not hype. Darko had hype. Kwame had hype. Darko and Kwame had plenty of opportunity to GET ON THE COURT AND PROVE WHAT THEY COULD DO, whereas Ike has had limited opportunity, and what time he got, he made the most of. Now, with the hornets, perhaps the question of getting time will be gone, just like Kwame with LA and Darko with the Grizz. He will get a chance, and that issue will be removed from the discussion.

And if Ike doesnt make the most of his chance in N.O then what do you say?

I like how Darko and Kwame had no talent.

Post a quote where Darko's teammate said he was the best player on the team in practice.

Google it. Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups said it. Ask Detroit Pistons fans. Head over to the team forum and make a thread. It was discussed on this board in the many Darko threads where some Darko fans held out hope he would pan out because he was TALENTED.

You can't seem to get this through your thick skull:

1. It's not about how Ike is an all star. It's about how he has talent to produce, and guys like Bowen and Armstrong don't, so you can't say that Ike isn't any better.

Yes you can say Ike isnt any better given what Ike has done thus far in his career which is 6ppg 3rpg. Which is bounce around and have people hold excuses for him. Now he is in Hornets and you think he will make the best out of this oppurtunity because its the best chance for him to do so/get minutes. I think otherwise that he wont do much that he hasnt done thus far in his NBA career which would make his addition no better than the scrubs listed.

Hence me comment Ike isnt any better. And for the 4th time this point evades you. Damn you are stubborn.

You are obvious mentally retarded to continually make up "points" that are inaccurate and talk about players on a team that you don't ever watch.

Hardly inaccurate. Nothing i said was inaccurate.

Ike HAS ALREADY DONE MORE THAN THOSE PLAYERS, WHICH HAS BEEN MY POINT ALL ALONG. He's already proven he's far better than Hilton or Ryan or Melvin. He's already done that.

And thats irrelevant to me saying his play for the Hornets wont be any better than what those guys did. Ike can prove me wrong, you however in this thread cant.

Every time I see you post, you make yourself look more foolish. It's clear you are one of those guys who talks about everything as if you know more than everybody else. I don't comment on things that I don't know. I don't talk about teams that I never watch. You should do that too, because it's clear you are evaluating all 5 players when you don't know wtf you are talking about. I'm done with you and this thread.

You're just ranting off base with assumptions. Your argument is weak so this is all you have to throw out there. I call that filler. A bunch of irrelevant mumbo jumbo to make your post seem like you said something thought provoking, enlightening.

Bottom line for you kid is this. You took my post the wrong way as if I said those scrubs were just as good players as Ike. My post intended to say Ike isnt going to be any better than what those scrubs provided. You obviously refused to grasp this and accept it because you want a moral victory of some sort as if a f*cking ISH Achievement Point will pop on your monitor. Sorry thats not going to happen. The argument isnt about is Ike better than Nelvin Ely. Its will Ike provide anything more to the team than Ely did. I dont think he will. You, still high on Ike feel he will. You know what that means kid? We disagree on Ike's impact for the Hornets and one side feels he'll provide more than what those scrubs did while the other side feels it will be relatively the same. Hence Ike isnt any better based on me not being sold on his "potential" and "talent".

Learn how to argue kid. Now I'll make sure to provide you with some pampers because you will be permanantly butt hurt from this back & forth.
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