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Default Re: Following Raymond Felton's negotiations

Felton's agent: Game's not over with Bobcats

We can clear up something that maybe was misconstrued last week. In a conference call about the Tyson Chandler-Emeka Okafor trade, Bobcats general manager Rod Higgins said that talks between the team and restricted free-agent point guard Raymond Felton were "stalemated." But he also noted that the process wasn't over and that the two sides would continue to negotiate.

"It's not really a stalemate, and I think in every story I've seen, writers have been calling it a stalemate," Felton's agent, Kevin Bradbury, told Sporting News. "That's not really what Rod was saying. I am not a chess champion here, but I know a stalemate ends the game. The game's not over. We don't have concrete plans to meet with the Bobcats right now, but there's time. We're not giving up. Neither are they. If it winds up that Raymond has to play out his last year and become unrestricted next year, that's OK. But that's the last option and we're still far from that.

Don't accuse the Bobcats, by the way, of staying silent on the free-agent front. They pursued Warrick pretty hard. Ultimately, Warrick wanted the best chance to get playing time, and that was in Milwaukee.
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