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Default posted this on another thread...

What do you guys think?

I can't believe I'm saying this, but:

As a Bobcats fan, I want AI to sign with Charlotte.

1. Our roster (as presently constructed) is actually conducive to welcoming a high-volume shooter. We don't have many scorers. What we DO have is some pretty good defenders and role players, and a coach who's obviously had success with AI.

2. The Bobcats need revenue and tickets sold if they want the franchise to make it here. This would definitely generate some buzz.

3. After Detroit, everyone expects Iverson to be on his best behavior if he wants to extend his career past this season. He knows his "Canswer" rep and he knows his legacy is going to depend on his present actions. No player with the career he's had wants to go out embarrassed.

So yeah - let's sign him, allow him to start, and limit his minutes to maybe 30-32 a game. Felton is the one player whose minutes he'd affect, but Felton is ALSO a low-percentage shooter who can't really distribute the rock. AI's passing (when he decides to) is pretty much on par with his. I'd rather have an old AI than current Felton. DJ has more upside but he could still get his minutes off the bench.

A starting 5 of AI/BELL/WALLACE/DIAW/CHANDLER doesn't leap out at you as crazy talented, but when you actually think of those guys playing together, they compliment each other pretty well. Diaw makes up for whatever passing weaknesses a shoot-first point guard has. Bell and Chandler don't need the ball to be effective. Wallace would be the second offensive option for once (which he'd be more comfortable with).

This team is a 12th to 8th seed without him, and maybe 10th to 5th seed with him.
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