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Default Re: Following Raymond Felton's negotiations

Paul and Deron aren't the norm so any comparison between them and Felton isn't really applicable. They've each had ONE coach throughout their pro careers and some pretty darn good ones at that. Felton on the other hand has had two God awful coaches and been played as a shooting guard about half the time under both of them.

Played mostly at PG this past season Felton improved...and esp. on defense. He survived one of the toughest PG coaches in the league. He's also only 25! It amazes me that anyone would think a guy 25 years old is topped out, especially at the PG position where "smarts" plays a big role.

One thing that amazes me is people act like he (and "his" fans) compares himself to the two named above...but he's asking for less than HALF of what those guys get paid. For his durability, defense and his drive to get better under Larry Brown a MLE type deal is well worth his services. also forgot Billups, who many compare Felton to. He also struggled in his early years to find a good fit. Interestingly, tho he did start breaking out beforehand the great coach Larry Brown came along and allowed him to be all that he could be.

If Larry Brown believes in him then that's good enough for me.
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