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Default Re: posted this on another thread...

Originally Posted by obonpaxis
Lose Felton? waving a magic wand? We can't rescind the qualifying offer unless both agree to it and trading him is near impossible because of BYC.

Besides, as Timmeh said AI isn't a PG. Back in Philly LB played AI as a shooting guard with a tough PG (Snow) beside him. IF we brought AI on it'd cut into Raja's minute more than it would Felton's.

Felton is the one player whose minutes he'd affect, but Felton is ALSO a low-percentage shooter who can't really distribute the rock.

I definitely agree that his shot needs work, but if you think Felton can't distribute what in the world do you think about DJ? There for a 10 game stretch near the end of the season he only got 15 assists...that's 1.5 per game.

In regards to AI it all boils down to Larry Brown for me. If LB wants him then I'll welcome him with open arms inspite of my worries about him. If not...I won't lose any sleep.
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