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Default Re: Can you guys' provide some insight?

Originally Posted by Cggamer12
Could you guys' give me a little bit of information on Earl Watson and his style of play? What good things does he do on the floor, what bad things, etc. Any type of insight on him.

As he joined the Pacers this season, being an active Pacers fan, I'd like to know a little bit of your guys' opinions seeing as I don't watch any OKC games, and didn't watch him much in Seattle since he was on the West Coast.

undersized, decent vision on the court. above average passer but couldnt find his own shot if it was in his back pocket. idk about his leadership but he obviously never seemed to help us win games. in my opinion he's mostly a floor manager. he's proly told to just give it to durant and not screw up. he's the rex grossman of the nba. but never really ever had a good run. he's a really solid 3rd point. lol
hope that helps. im always willing to help a pacer fan. go g33!
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