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Lightbulb What about these trades?


K Mart for Luol Deng and Jerome James( or Taj Gibson)

then we could sign like big baby davis or david lee.....

not so great of a trade

it does not really help our big prob, actually makes it worse and dengs contract is a lot longer than k marts

or we could help facilitate a boozer trade by....

doing something like

Hinrich or Deng to Denver, Boozer to Chicago, Tyrus Thomas to Utah

helps save utah money, chicago gets their target in boozer, and denver gets a capable combo guard in hinrich that could b used for 3 point shooting and defense.... or deng could help act like our version of rashard lewis

this is obviously the better option cuz we dont give up anything... the only thing i could see affecting this is us not wanting to help a division rival but.... still plausible

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