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Default Re: Nuggets trade Steven Hunter to Grizzlies

Originally Posted by Pokerface
I think it's a bit too soon to jump to that conclusion. The Nuggets have only 10 players now, and they have to add three more to comply with the League's mandatory number of 13. There is a strong possibility that they will add Coby Karl, who will add a very steady player off the bench. Then it will depend upon who they add with the other two openings. Assuming that they bring back Kleiza and Carter, they will be a stronger team than last year. If they add someone else who is more talented than these two, they could be downright awesome!!!

Coby Karl will not put them over the top of the 2 teams i just named. If they are better, it won't be because of him. As for the other 2 spots, i feel that if they get those 2 back, they still are behind those teams on paper. But like i said, if they finish 3rd i wouldn't be surprised either.
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