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Default Re: What about these trades?

That second trade would be amazing- kirk hinrich would be a perfect addition, it would give that second big time nba gaurd + he has what that role needs, defense/shooting/handling -

With the way karl likes 2 gaurd offenses hinrich would be a perfect 3rd gaurd who could play behind and with billups,

Last year I thought there were 2 gaurds that the nugs should target in trades, hinrich and billups- having both would make our team have the best gaurds in the nba

Hinrich and carmelo played really well together on a team usa and its the top of the roster that needs work now that we've seen this team can put themselves in position to win it all

*Jr smith
*rasheed wallace

That's the best rotation in the nba- whoops forgot the nugs didn't try for rasheed, plug in birdman, still maybe need another big but hinrich would fill one of the 2 main holes in the roster (lawson didn't fill that spot, he filled harts spot)

And I wanted thomas a lot, but I think the bulls bought him out and dallas signed him
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