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Default Re: How do you guys like James Harden?

I like the Harden pick more and more every time I watch him play. When the draft happened I wasn't very high on him and I was more of a supporter to pick Rubio or Thabeet. However Harden does a lot of things well and really compliments our core of players well. I like that the Thunder like to draft defensive minded players, Westbrook and Harden could be some of the best defenders in the NBA in a couple of years [Now we need to get Durant on the same page, he could be a good defender if he really worked at it]. Hardens 3 point shooting ability is great and if the defender starts playing him farther out towards the 3 point line I like that he also has the ability to blow by the defender.

With 2 more first round draft picks and a pretty good amount of cap space at the end of this season I could really see the Thunder being a contender in 2011 and for years to come after that.
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