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Default Re: NBA schedule unveiled

Originally Posted by Maniak
Why does everyone say this? Yeah, we lost some key R N G pieces, but we're still doing R N G next season, and still have Stat, Barbs, Richardson, and Nash.

Suns are getting underlooked. On another board a guy is trying to argue the Thunder and Clippers are leagues ahead of the Suns and that they have a crappy starting 5, no depth at all, and no chemsitry....

Sorry for changing the topic
Im not saying the griz are better than the suns. And im not saying the suns are a bad team. Im just saying the suns arent nearly the offensive juggernaut that they used to be. When they had Joe Johnson, Barbosa, Bell, Q-rich, "STATS", Nash, and others. That team was amazing to watch. The squad this season is not as good and wont be as good as the team I was just talking about.
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