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Default Re: Why Is Everyone So Excited?

Do they really think playoffs or is it just happy to have some young good players?

Would you have gone any other direction from curry at pick 7 this year?

Agree on randolph having star potential, I had him as something like top 5-6 in his draft class and I think he will keep climbing up to there maybe higher- I know it was stupid then but does he have more star potential than beasley? At 6-11 at the pf spot, maybe
I think I had beasley over randolph but I still like my list a year later (of course I also had ajiinca right behind these guys, so still wrong on some of it, but I think guys like randolph and westbrook still have a lot more improvement in them- and if they are big time stars, it will probobly happen pretty fast- like this season
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