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Default Re: Sofoklis Schortsanitis "Big Sofo" Now 300 Pounds

Originally Posted by Grinder
Being better than Sofo the last 3 years isn't saying much considering he couldn't give you more than 5 productive minutes at a time. Glyniadakis is extremely mediocre.

You know that Sofo playing to his ability at 300-320 lbs. is clearly a better player than Glyniadakis was or will ever be.

I was very impressed by the play of Kostas Papanikolaou today, this kid's gonna be a player.

Glyniadakis is the most underrated player in Europe. He's very, very good these days. This last season he was fantastic.

Supposedly Papanikoloau cannot be on the team though. FIBA rules prevent it. Anyway so far Greece has mainly just played their third string unit. We will see what Sofo does against real competition.
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