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Default Re: J-Will back to Memphis

Originally Posted by gasolina
Can anybody of the old timers here tell me more about J-Will's time in memphis? I always thought he was ok here and provided stability to our team then. He had really good assist/turnover stats and seemed to really connect with Hubie.

I was reading the reactions in commercialappeal about J-Will working out with the grizz and some people were saying he was the reason that made Hubie quit.

Wait, was there an event like a NY Jamal Crawford dribbling the clock down, only to pull up for three at the last second, only to pass to stephon marbury as the shot clock expires. Then the rockets getting the ball bakc and Scott padgett making a hail mary game winning three to win the game...

Next day Lenny Wilkens resigned as head coach

Good times! Lol
People always seem to remember bad times when a player and team have a bad falling out. J-wil is the grizzlies all time assist leader for a reason. He was a quick guard that could cut through lanes and create scoring chances. His shot was accurate enough to keep teams honest as well. The problem with him here was that he would get into pissing contests with opposing teams point guards. In doing so he would make eratic decisions which were game changing mistakes. Im not sure if he is such a hot head anymore. But I dont know if he has that playmaker abitlity that he used to have anymore. He probably isnt worth headache.
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