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Default Realistically - When do you think the Bucks will get to the ECC ?

Let's be realistic

With your vast knowledge of the NBA game , watching the Bucks for as many years as you have -

When do you think the BUCKS will have a solid opportunity to play in the

I'll start :
Last year if the team was healthy I believe the team could of been seeded around 5th. But the starting line-up seldom played together because of the injuries that always plague the Bucks. If this team would of been maintained I believe they were potentially 1-2 players away from making a legit run.
As in the past the Bucks have stripped the roster , and for the umpteenth time in a rebuild mode. (The current cost cutting appears to be a setup for the franchise to be sold)
Unless Hammond is the smartest President of Basketball operations , and going to work some un-godly magic to land 2 franchise players and build around Bogut , I see in no way shape or form the Bucks become seeded in the eastern conference playoffs. If they eventually get 2 elite players in the next 2-3 years it will take at least 2 years for the team to gel and make a legit run. So if you are banking on a wish and a prayer The soonest the team could crack into the 5th seed or higher will be at least 4-5 years.
So putting this into perspective , even if the eastern conference were to lack in team efficiency as was the case the last 5 years, (and the eastern conference is getting stronger as well speak) I'd wager that the next 10 years the Bucks have about a 20% or less chance at getting to the ECC.
Now if a new owner comes along ........ could be a different story.
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