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Default Re: Realistically - When do you think the Bucks will get to the ECC ?

I also feel we are quite a ways away from reaching the Eastern conference finals. I hope to GOD we aren't shedding salary in a move to sell the team. It sucks there are so many bandwagon fans in the world. People who only show up to the games, buy merchandise, or support the team only if they are a winning program. That's the whole reason the Bucks would be sold, is because we aren't making money. I believe we are LOSING money actually. No one can make money if nobody is supporting them. Watch, if we start winning, all the so called "fans" would come out of the wood work, ala the Cleveland bandwagoners. I would be devastated if Wisconsin didn't have a basketball team. It doesn't help that everybody wants to play in a big market.
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