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Default Re: If Ricky Rubio comes, I wonder if he and Jonny Flynn play together

Originally Posted by Marny Navis
I've heard that the Timberwolves want to play more up-tempo, but I'm not sure to what degree. If they plan on running a ton and sacrificing defense (which I doubt they will), then I could see Rubio and Flynn playing together. That would be a very quick backcourt, but it wouldn't work out. Neither player shoots well, they're both inexperienced, and their perimeter defense would be absolutely atrocious. Without a shot blocker in the paint, it would be too easy to score on the Wolves.

A trade is the best option. I'm not sure what they could get in return, but shooting guard is looking like the biggest weak spot on the roster. Small forward isn't great either, and a defensive-minded center to pair with Jefferson is also an option. They will have hands down the worst backcourt in the league next year if they don't make some moves, and having those two together at one position is a waste of talent.

With so many holes throughout their roster, Minnesota is in for a rough season. They don't have the offensive fire power to be anything more than below average, and defense isn't going to be strong either, though Rambis will help in that respect. I predict them to finish in the bottom three of the league (along with New Jersey and Milwaukee). Imagine if they land the first pick and John Wall's the only player worth selecting #1.
wall could make a transition to SG fairly easily. but ya i agree with you to an extent about how the wolves will do. much like every year we will probably finish a little better then people expect but we arent going to be pushing for a play off spot this year. and like ive said before, after the draft and FA next year our team will be pretty much set (3 first rounders at max + a bunch of cap room). the year after next is when i will start to have expectations for this team.

The Timberwolves and Ricky Rubio's representatives haven't given up on getting the 18-year-old point guard out of his Spanish contract for the coming NBA season. A little birdie says Rubio already has $600,000 in endorsements lined up if he legally can get to Minnesota.

Although Rubio's DKV Joventut contract has a $6.6 million buyout, that's expected to be negotiated down to about half that with the team, and loans to Rubio would allow him to pay them back over several years.

LizStrand: Just stood next to #Timberwolves VP David Kahn in the airport. He is headed to Barcelona, though not bringing Ricky back quite yet. about 1 hour ago from Twitter

another trip back to spain for hopes for rubio playing here this year have just gone up a ton. Kahn traveling back to Spain has to mean somehting is happening...
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