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Originally Posted by artest 93
I also heard during the first month of sales or so, JApan or something cut their 360s to half price cuz noone wanted it. Too lazy to look up but I'm sure its true. Well im just some things out. thanks

I think there was an article talking about how the 360 cost about the same as a Gamecube in Japan. Anyways, people seems to believe the console war is won in the states only. Nope, its a global war, and the Japanese simply won't buy American products.

How are the HD DVD and blu-rays better than DVDs?

How are DVDs better then CDs? You do realize, almost every new game is coming in at at least 4 gigs right? So in a matter of month, games will come at a size that you can't fit on one DVD. HD-DVD or Blue Ray is going to take over, its the future.
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