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Default Re: Why Is Everyone So Excited?

Originally Posted by insidehoops
I just hope Don Nelson develops and uses Anthony Randolph properly. I sorta don't really trust Nelon and his rotations anymore


I always cheer for the Warriors as long as they are not playing (you know who). And I live in the Bay so I want to see some playoff b-ball here. But the Warriors seem to just f*ck up everything that comes their way...and when they leave the next team certain played play for explode. They had two great seasons in the last three years and now it seems almost hopeless. Bad luck I guess? Who would of thought B-Diddy was gunna leave...and Monta would hurt himself.

But I really think this team is a low post threat from being a solid contender. I hope Randoplh becomes a beast...Monta has a huge year...Cap'n Jack stops chucking....Curry comes along...Beidriens wins defensive player of the some how some way J-Rich comes back.

Then I will Believe once again. DO IT NELLY!

Good luck Warrior fans.
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