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Default Re: Who else is excited for this "fantastic 4" of Ellis, Curry, Morrow and Randolph

Originally Posted by AK 3K
Morrow and Curry in at the same time would be dangerous against any team.

I would actually like Morrow and Curry better. Curry and Ellis are the same player except one went to college and the other came straight from high school. I want the Warriors to trade Monta Ellis because I honestly don't believe Curry and Ellis can co-exist plus I really don't want to a undersize backcourt.

These are the 2 options the Warriors should do either start Curry and Morrow together or start Monta Ellis and Kelenna Azubuike together.

If if anybody didn't see the link to the article I put up in the trades, rumor, thread from a couple of days ago, Kelenna Azubuike was talking about he wanted to play at his natural position at the 2 or 3 cause he's tired of getting pounded at the 4.
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