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Default Re: Bobcats close to completing sale?

This is basically some bullshit. I don't mean bullshit in terms of this article being false or misleading but bullshit because this just really fucking sucks. I apologize for the harsh language in our respectable forum. This just really pisses me off.

We're trying to "unload" player’s contracts and more than likely if at all possible, take on as little new contracts as possible; squeezing by with just enough to keep our team still somewhat marketable in hopes that someone will be willing to take the plunge and see potential in this franchise. I really thought we had something special going on here.

I understand the team is not making bank right now. It's hard to do that without a winning franchise. We were getting there though! We were on the brink of probably making the post season next year, and while this wouldn't double the team's value or anything, it would surely have us going in the right direction! With all this "team for sale! team for sale!" drama going on, I think it will mentally derail our franchise. It will impact the management / coaching staffs, players and of course the loyal fans who dearly love our Bobcats.

It's not like this just came all of a sudden and hit us like a Mack Truck, but it still pisses me off nonetheless. We had terrible ownership with the Hornets... some damn loyal fans sticking it out until the very end, but ownership (can't remember the owner's names) were just in it for the business aspects and nothing more whatsoever. Where's the pride in ownership these days?! I'm not a huge fan of guys like Cuban, media whores etc. but damn we need someone who really gives a damn and who's not just in it looking at a net profit.

I still think this franchise could be highly profitable if we're marketed correctly and we assembled the right pieces. The whole "draft only ACC guys" was the biggest joke. It failed, big time. NBA fans are a different breed of fans for the most part than college fans. NBA fans want NBA talented players!!! Not every ACC star who enters the league and flops!

Alright that's the end of my rant. Thanks for posting rufus. I think I've been mind-raped.

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