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Default Re: Bobcats close to completing sale?

PoT, the fact that the team is for sale doesn't mean that the team is moving. The NBA isn't necessarily the kind of business where that is the case. In common business, if a franchise is for sale, it is highly likely that the new management transforms the acquisition into it's brand...for example, Rite Aid Pharmacy bought out Eckerd Pharmacy, who had previously bought out Kerr Drug. Rite Aid immediately turned all of the old Eckerd stores into Rite Aid's - the Bobcats, whether owned by Johnson or someone else, will remain the Charlotte Bobcats.

If anything, having new ownership, or the idea of having it, would energize this team rather than demoralize it. No one likes Bob Johnson and I don't know of anyone (other than you apparently) that doesn't want to see this get done.
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