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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by Interminator
Tyreke Evans wasnt even considered a Top 20 pick at this point in 2008, I was one of the few who even argued with idiots that he could be a Lottery Pick with an impressive season. My opinion only changed when he was productive in the middle of the season but his stock never changed even with an impressive season, it wasnt until the workouts his stock rose.

I was probably the only guy on here that said Tyreke could crack the top 5 and was a certain top 10 pick early in 09.

Originally Posted by Grinder
Nonsense, he can create his shot better than anyone in the college game, especially at his age level. He has no problems getting into the lane and already has an NBA ready body and strength to absorb contact and finish.

This guy is going to be a stud in the league, and if he doesn't go top 10, a lot of teams will regret not drafting him in a few years.

Originally Posted by Grinder
The buzz I've been hearing from a lot of scouts is that a deep run in the tournament with a solid performance from Tyreke could push him as far as the top 5. Same goes for Willie Warren of Oklahoma.

Originally Posted by Interminator
No it wont.

Tyreke isn't going Top 10 no matter what,the highest is Late Lottery considering he was considered to go between 20-25 in most Mock Drafts

Willie Warren is pushing into the Top 10, but that bull**** about Tyreke isnt true.

Not trying to rub it in your face or anything, but you gotta give me props on that one and admit you were wrong.

Originally Posted by Interminator

Booker isnt a 1st Round talent IMO, and Ebanks is too mentally weak to finally put it together. We've been hearing about his potential for too long, hes one of the most unspectacular, unimpactful, and overrated players in a long time. I've played against this dude, he is not NBA talent IMO. He'll get his chance in the NBA based on potential to be better when coached.

2010 Draft doesn't have the previously big names of the 2003 or 2008 NBA Draft but I think it will be the deepest Draft in NBA History(depending on if a lot of the guys declare)

Anderson is a good pick, he just needs to take over in terms of a leadership standpoint at OK State. Manny Harris is a sleeper, but I dont think he is a NBA PG.

The success of tank-ish undersized 4s like Powe, Bass, Maxiell, Craig Smith should help Booker find his way into the first round.

Ebanks has lottery talent, he's not gonna get there, but he'll get drafted on his potential in the first round if nothing else.

Agreed on the depth of this draft.

Manny Harris is going to be steal for whoever drafts him in the late first round.
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