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Originally Posted by Seņor Cedric
I started my jo bas a Paint Chemist in May, and the company that I work for knew I was having an ACL reconstruction in September and were fine with that.

For the last 2 months I have been getting weekly compensation from ACC (NZ's accident compensation company). I am now fit for work again, my doctor has cleared me for full duties, and work say there is no work for me, and I received the following text message from my boss:

So they want to offer me a job selling paint in a shop when I return? WTF? And until then I should survive without pay?

Do you guys think it's time to get my lawyer involved? I know NZ law is different from US law, but it seems pretty dodgy.

They gave someone else my job, so it's not like they can terminate my employment because there is no job for me.

If they sent you a text message that is a bad sign.

Show up in person and demand answers (politely)
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