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Default Re: Ridiculously Early 2010 Mock Draft

Originally Posted by A.M.G.
"Talent", oh yeah that explains everything. Being talented does not guarantee you are going to be a lottery pick. And these two are not talented enough to warrant spending lottery picks on them after one season, I'm telling you they will not be that good as freshmen.

"Game changing talents"? Would you like to explain that, how Lance and Sidney are these special can't miss basketball talents for the NBA? Any five star recruit is going to be a game changer, that doesn't mean he will be an NBA player, let alone a one-and-done lottery pick. As far as I can see Sidney is a fat Channing Frye, and Lance is... well certainly not even close to Paul Pierce, ever. The NBA is not holding its breath for his arrival, and he'd better realize that.

"Both will be Lottery Picks unless they drop unexpectedly" <<< this makes me think you might be delusional, because as far as I can tell, they are not currently projected as lottery picks. They have already dropped in the high school rankings for a reason, if anything they will not be Lottery Picks unless they rise unexpectedly. In other words, in REALITY they will have to have big-time seasons to even be first rounders, let alone lottery picks, as one-and-done NBA draft entrees.

Tyreke Evans has nothing to do with this, for every player whose NBA stock rose like Tyreke's did, there are dozens who realized they would be second rounders and stayed in school for a few more years.

Both of them will be NBA players, barring some catastrophe for one of them, but I would avatar bet you that neither Lance Stephenson or Renardo Sidney will be Lottery Picks in the 2010 NBA draft.

Im not arguing with you kid, you're taking too much stock in your own opinion of how late season HS rankings relates to the NBA Draft.

You're talking out of your ass, you've never seen Lance or Renardo play or know much about them other than what you come across on Rivals. Thats my only conclusion for you continuing to believe the crap you're spewing about both players not being talented enough to be Lottery Picks, keep digging son.

This isnt the first time you've done this, you have been on the record claiming Lance was overrated and not going to be Drafted. Go ahead and believe what you want. If theres 1 thing about me, You know my analysis is 100% correct about players. Lance is among the 5 most talented players in 2010, hes going to a team where he will be the focal point of their offense, he has ideal size for a NBA swingman. Look him up sir.
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