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Originally Posted by AirGauge23
How much $$$ u making?


Originally Posted by AKADS
Move to Canada Ryan

First choice is staying here getting a new job, if not then it's Auckland, and last case scenario I go to Korea to teach, but I won't be healed in time to play basketball.

Originally Posted by GoRapz
Shouldn't you get money if you were hurt? Guess thats only in Canada.

I was being paid weekly fro mACC (national weekly compensation provider), but was told there was work for me at work, so I got signed up for work again through the doctor. Now I'm not entitled to weekly compensation because I'm healthy, and my employer all of a sudden has no work for me.

Originally Posted by MaxFly
Your employer text messaged you?

Because I messaged him, I was too angry to talk to him anymore, it took the anger out of it.
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