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Default No Rematch

Originally Posted by AKADS

Looks like we might get a rematch for the National Tittle Game.

Full Top 25 Standings

I dont see why we should have a rematch, Ohio St. soundly beat Michigan. Yeah, it was only a 3 point difference in the end, but the game was never in doubt. Ohio St. had 2 14 point leads, and had a 10 point lead nearing the end of the game, Michigan then scores a touchdown in garbage time and the game looks alot closer than it actually was. Michigan probably is the 2nd best team in the nation, the problem is that Ohio St. is just alot better than everyone else this year. So why have a rematch? Why even have a NC game this year?

But since we "HAVE TO HAVE" a BCS NC game, if anyone deserves to play Ohio St., it should be SC or SEC champ. Assume for a minute that USC takes care of business and wins both their games. Let's also assume that the SEC champion (either Arkansas or Florida) is a one loss team. Doesn't it stand to reason that a one-loss conference champion (PAC-10 or SEC) would be a better match-up for Ohio State than the one-loss Big-10 runner-up? Especially in the case of USC, who will have played and defeated an SEC finalist, a Big-12 finalist, the top independent, and arguably the toughest schedule in the nation?

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