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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
That pretty much says it. People love his 40/40 and HR totals but they overlook the fact that he's simply not an efficient hitter (why do people overlook OBP when it's probably the one stat you should look at first to see how good/efficient a hitter is?) and no sure bet as a good fielder in the OF. Too bad Dusty Baker isn't around anymore, him and his dumb "on-base % just clogs the bases" philosophy would be perfect here.

Like raider wrote, a career .320-.330 OBP and now in LF isn't worth anything near that. But as I said before, IF they put him at CF and IF he plays there very well that increases his value immensely and might put him close to being worth that money... for the first 4 maybe 5 years of the deal.

After a couple offseasons of what seemed to be teams calming down with the huge deals, it's getting back up there.

Carlos Lee is one happy man right now. He knows he's going to cash in huge as well.

Because people dont know/understand what OBP% and how meaningful a stat it really is. Been conditioned to look at HR's & RBI's. The whole 40/40 thing just sounds great. No one cares to look at anything else.
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