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Default Re: Ricky Rubio to Barcelona done deal

Originally Posted by bagelred
Maybe not. Maybe it's a good thing.

Rubio gets more seasoned in professional league for another two years, takes his lumps and when he's even better, he'll come over to TWolves. Minny will still have him on his 4 year rookie scale.

Let's face it, Minny doesn't care if they win or lose now. They probably WANT to lose more to get some higher draft picks, although they'll never admit that publicly. Why else would they trade a decent player in Richardson for a stiff like Blount?

This will be a good thing for Minny, just need patience.

Or just trade him to NYK? We'll take him.
+1 well said. only thing i disagree with is you calling Qrich a decent player . anyway Kahn has said in the past that he hopes to have this roster set by the start of the season after this one
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