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I wouldn't put it past him to win as a Republican. there is the issue of his compulsive gambling but hey... Rush pops pills and he still gets 10 million listeners. Bush did coke and drank and he's president for 8 years. Clinton smoked dope and slept around. it can be overcome.

you guys are crazy if you think that lack of intelligence will hold him back. first of all MJ is a pretty intelligent person. second of all politicians do not rely on intelligence. in order to win public office, you need to maintain an image, you need to carry yourself well, you need to speak well in public and handle media attention, and you need to able to keep your head in debate. thats really all it comes down to. after that, you just need the people behind the scenes to get you in. intelligence is actually VERY insignificant.

Bill Clinton is one of the smartest presidents we've ever had. he was BRILLIANT. but he struggled in the area of keeping an air of integrity. just looking at Clinton it was obvious... guy was completely full of ****. luckily his charisma made up for that. Bush on the other hand... is not smart. however he does seem like a man of great integrity and values (whether he is or not is irrelevant: politics aren't about reality).

a black republican. there goes the Democratic Party's black vote. all MJ has to do is show some interest in the african american community (he hasn't yet, but his entire personality and interests would completely change if he were being groomed for president) and their vote would be captivated. Republicans would vote for him because Republicans vote for whoever their party tells them to vote for no matter how patently horrible they are.

he could do it. he carries himself really well. that's one thing you all know. the guy was a class act when the camera was on. plus he is extremely strong, he's someone I could rally behind.

the reason he won't of course is that there are simply (many) better candidates with less baggage and much more to offer should they win. but IF for some reason the Republican Party, say, took a 10 billion dollar bet that they could get MJ into office, and really worked to make it happen, yes, Jordan could very well pull it off. if he won would America be screwed? I don't know. he would probably just get everyone else to do the work for him so he could be simply the face of the country (as opposed to the brain) and spend the rest of the time playing golf.

I mean if anyone would like to tell me why Jordan, with all the modern Republican party's backing, training, grooming, couldn't win when Reagan swept in relying not on being qualified, but by playing the media and the public and acting American, go ahead.
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