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Originally Posted by wang4three
Not really. We joke about Bush probably more than any past President, but in no way has the US Presidency has turned into a joke.

Ok, so you don't think Bush got re-elected just because Kerry was the bigger moron? If Kerry could make up his mind on any one issue he would have won, but he was a *expleted* who kept trying to play to the voters, but wasn't smart enough to be consistent on the issues.

And like I said. No politician in office knows what it's like to struggle as a middle or lower class citizen and they certainly don't know how to speak the truth.

I see no hope for the future of this country. We have a deficeit so big that you have to be a mathmetition (sp?) to know how to speak the number out loud, and we're still not smart enough to take care of our own country before sticking our noses in the businesses of others.

I can support the guys in the army because they have no choice, but I do not support the ones sending them across the world. Put the army to work restoring our country and we'd really shine. Instead we send them to die in a foreign country.

Do you think any of the politicians care, I mean really give a crap about you or me? All they care about is winning the next election and keeping themselves in a job.

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