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Ok, so you don't think Bush got re-elected just because Kerry was the bigger moron?
Kerrys far from a moron. thats probably his problem. he also isnt really a flip flopper but thats another discussion.

I see no hope for the future of this country.
America is retarded and we produce retarded politicians. come on, its pretty obvious this country is one big hilarious mistake. we're the descendants of rich people, criminals, religious weirdos, Africa's most troublesome, Africa's most physcially talented, Ireland's most hungry, and people insane enough to travel all the way over here. the country was founded on unpaid labor and indigenous genocide. the only time we have any national unity whatsoever is a few weeks following every national tragedy. we invented practically everything wrong with the world today.

come on... Americans have to be delusional to take their country or world seriously. just ENJOY IT. be entertained. we have by far the most entertaining culture in world history. not even close. we're seriously like a reality show. "what happens if we toss portions of hundreds of nations into one single state and try to get them to get along? find out on a new episode of the hit reality show America, right after Lost."
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