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Default Re: 2010 draft lottery order?

Originally Posted by frmsea2okc
i think the kings could certainly get the first pick. if you have an opportunity to get the consensius best player, get him. beno udrih is god awful. wall with evans at sg and kevin martin splitting time at the 2 & 3. evans splitts minutes at pg and sg, mostly plays sg. wall and evans penetrations with some good shooters could be something really special. i think wall/evans is a backcourt you can build around for years.
i hope houston gets wall, i just like the rockets so i hope they get a sick point guard like wall.
No it won't work... If you play Wall and Evans you only have space for 1 shooter Martin, both Wall and Evans are not good shooters so there's just no way that it could work for Kings. If you get Wall you gotta trade Evans, but I doubt that the Kings will get the first pick anyway, and if they're smart they'd draft Monroe.
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