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Default Re: 2010 draft lottery order?

Originally Posted by The Joker
No it won't work... If you play Wall and Evans you only have space for 1 shooter Martin, both Wall and Evans are not good shooters so there's just no way that it could work for Kings. If you get Wall you gotta trade Evans, but I doubt that the Kings will get the first pick anyway, and if they're smart they'd draft Monroe.

John Wall is a very good but streaky shooter, you're taking the Derrick Rose comparison a little too far or just talking out of your ass. Wall's problem comes from him heat checking from deep, hes a PG with a scorers mentality and can sometimes sacrifice ball movement in order to take shots.

The problem comes from both Wall & Evans both being very ball dominant, they would have to adjust their games around each other while including Kevin Martin(Kings Franchise player) into the mix. It might be a lot of points scored, but there may not be any chemistry.
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