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Default Re: If Ricky Rubio comes, I wonder if he and Jonny Flynn play together

Originally Posted by twolvesfan
wall could make a transition to SG fairly easily. but ya i agree with you to an extent about how the wolves will do. much like every year we will probably finish a little better then people expect but we arent going to be pushing for a play off spot this year. and like ive said before, after the draft and FA next year our team will be pretty much set (3 first rounders at max + a bunch of cap room). the year after next is when i will start to have expectations for this team.

another trip back to spain for hopes for rubio playing here this year have just gone up a ton. Kahn traveling back to Spain has to mean somehting is happening...
As predicted staying in barcelona. doesn't have to move, 1 million euros a year increasing every year for six years with possibility to buy out after 2 years for only 1 million euros. Playing with big players and competing with a real chance to winning spanish league,euroleague and spanish cup,way more things that he would compete for in the NBA.He will only be a better player for it.In the long run the wolves will get a better player.
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