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Default how to sweat less?

ok so it sounds stupid rite? but honestly is there any method to sweat less? i'm a disgusting sweaty beast everytime i ball inside a gym with decent ac, and balling outdoors is even worse. my entire shirt changes into a darker shade of whatever color i'm wearing and I don't even think i'm out of shape. even on a cloudy day i'll end up sweating everywhere and all over my shirt.
I am 5'11, weighing in at 155 pounds with a 27ish vertical (i can barely touch rim with fresh legs, and definitely cannot when tired). I am able to run a 6 min 30 sec mile time and I play ball around 3 times a week more or less. I don't think i'm out of shape and I always feel good when working out or balling, but is there anyway to sweat less or is it just my body's physiology and there is no way to change it? any thoughts guys?

o yea and i'm usually hydrated most of the day. I drink 6-8 cups of water (my definition of cup is the equivalent to the arrowhead spring water bottles). i always hydrate before and after playing and then i go eat.
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