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Default Re: how to sweat less?

Originally Posted by iTwistAnkles
I sweat a lot when i go my hardest, and thats usually all the time. It pisses people off in my neighberhood, because its like im playing against little boys. I hit puberty early and sweat a lot too and im 16, ppl i play with in my neighberhood are 14 - 18, so yeah they aint use to it. but when i play with men, nobodys complaining and everybodys sweating.

my best advice is to wear a ****, plane black or white or any colour, and wear a jersey over it. it helps a lot. take it off ounce you get to the park and when you start to sweat put on the jersey. and 5'11 and cant touch rim? man thats bad if you want to get somewhere in basketball, do some air alert or any other jump program.

i dont know your situtation, but if it bothers people, tell them to stfu. if u sweat a lot in organized ball, that dosent matter.
yea 5'11 and can barely touch the rim is kind a weak but shooting and ballhandling is more important but when i come to vertical trainin do not do air alert u can do the exercises in air alert but u should be doin 10-15 reps of goin all out. Meanin ur tryin to come back in the air as quick as u can after u touch the ground and as high as u can. If u are doin high reps u are trainin ur jumpin endurance its like a sprinter trainin by goin on 5 mile runs
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