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Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John) next year, lakers are the only playoff team that will have over 20 million of cap room...thats right and thats about the same time that Kevin(Garnett) will be able to opt out of his contract...then that leaves LA there to sign him... not giving up kevin is dieng to play with a star player cuz he doesnt want to be the 1st option and he loves LA..and Phil
Why lakers have so much cap???one word Brian grant...we still have to pay him his 15 million next yr cuz lakers diddnt trade him we waived him...not his contract and paycheck......
Sorry, but The Lakers will not be $20 million under the cap after next season. Even with Brian Grant's salary gone The Laker will still have a $42 million team salary. And that's with only 6 players.

2007-2008 Laker salary:

Kobe - $19.490 million
Odom - $13.542 million
Kwame - $9.075 million
Bynum - 2.172 million
Sasha - $1.756 million
Cook - $2.213 million

And I believe the salary cap is around $45 million. The Lakers are about $3 million below the salary cap, but will need that to get the rest of the bench players and the $5 million for veteran players.

The main reason they are near the cap is because Laker management agreed to extend Kwame Browns contract an extra year. Adding an extra $9 million for the 2007-2008 season.
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