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Default Re: 2009 European basketball championship (Eurobasket) discussion

Originally Posted by Jinxed
What the hell is going on with Spain?

The announcer during the espn360 broadcast was saying if GB won it would have been the greatest upset in the history of international basketball.

Or close to it.UK team is lacking any serious players apart from pops.Spain brought basically everyone except calderon.

What is going wrong with them?

Some of the players just recovered from injuries,some are obviously not in shape.Still that team is stacked and the only reason for their poor play atm is ..underestimating their rivals?Overconfidence?

if you've seen their games you probably noticed how relaxed they are, they look like they are on vacation or something.Vs slowenia the most energized guy on the spanish team was Rudy on the bench.Gasol is looking at the refs all the time...I kinda cheer for their opponents during this tournament.
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