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Default Re: James Worthy vs Dominique Wilkins

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
This is like comparing Carmelo Anthony to Josh Smith.

Wilkins and its not close. Worthy may well be the most overrated player in NBA history; more so than even Penny Hardaway. As another noted, he was lucky he was in the spot he was in.

Worthy wasn't even as good as contemporaries who played the same position like Adrian Dantley and Mark Aguire, never mind 'Nique. If he played for a middle-of-the-road team Worthy would be largely forgotten.
Reality is, Worth stepped up when it mattered the most.....the playoffs.... the guys you mentioned never did that and that's why in my opinion Worthy was the better player than Dominique. I don't think you realized how much he stifled his game to win championships with the Showtime Lakers, he was far more capable of doing what he did.

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
Could "Big Game" James have taken over games like 'Nique, Bird, Dr J, and Bernard King did, had he been the top guy on a team and the focal point of an opposing defense? Its all speculation, but I say:
He pretty much was the #1 scoring option when Kareem left. Many times in the Clutch situations as well, so not only does James have the better legacy but he was also the better closer and that honestly matters a lot.
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