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Default Re: James Worthy vs Dominique Wilkins

Originally Posted by SayTownRy
give wilkins the greatest PG of all time and they would have dominated the league in freakish fashion (moreso than showtime LA imho).

what we do know is that wilkins did the most with what he was given and absolutely stepped it up in the postseason. the guy is 11th all time in playoff PPG. 11th
Read was the 1st post.

Originally Posted by RedZiggyZag
Now, I'm sure somebody will say....Oh well if Nique played with Magic, he would average 50 points a game!!!, Not true at all. One reason why the Lakers stuck with James was because he was an efficient player and could move without the ball, Dominique wasn't like that at all and it seemed that was the reason why the Lakers stuck with James from what I've heard and read. Worthy was an efficient player in the post too and always shot around 50%. James Worthy was pretty much the Jerry Rice of the Showtime Lakers.

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
I watched enough of Worthy back in the 80's and I know he was good but he gets a LOT of mileage from having played with Kareem, Magic, and the rest of that bunch.

Coincidentally enough, a current comparison to Worthy is another Laker, Pau Gasol. Who cared about Gasol when he was in Memphis? He was just another good player. He goes to LA, benefits from having Kobe and company, and suddenly he's a *great* player...
Boom Boom Pau was an All-Star in 06' and led the Grizzlies to the playoffs many times, only to get swept in all of them. Reality was, Pau Gasol was just playing on a small market team and if you play on a small market team, you get small media attention. As I said, Worthy was the Jerry Rice of the Showtime Lakers and Magic was Steve Young or Joe Montana.
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