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Default Re: James Worthy vs Dominique Wilkins

Originally Posted by RedZiggyZag

Who ya got?

For me, I'll roll with Big Game James, almost entirely for the same reason why I rolled with Pierce over Dominique, Reliable clutch performer in the playoffs, never really had the chance to lead as a team player, but stifled a lot of his game, to adapt to the team concept for the Showtime Lakers, Funny thing is the Lakers actually had a chance to get Dominique over Worthy, but they stuck with Worthy and it looks like they made the good choice.

Now, I'm sure somebody will say....Oh well if Nique played with Magic, he would average 50 points a game!!!, Not true at all. One reason why the Lakers stuck with James was because he was an efficient player and could move without the ball, Dominique wasn't like that at all and it seemed that was the reason why the Lakers stuck with James from what I've heard and read. Worthy was an efficient player in the post too and always shot around 50%. James Worthy was pretty much the Jerry Rice of the Showtime Lakers.

they took Worthy because he was the safer choice. he was a stud at UNC and really a no brainer. There was some risk to picking Wilkins.

but just imagine Nique on the receiving end of Showtime, imagine the 'Coop-a-loop' run with Dominique.

I love Worthy, but it is a shame we never got to see Nique on those teams.
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